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  • Will a Light Bearing Holsters retain the firearm without the light attached to it.?
    NO, the holster will not retain your firearm without the light correctly installed on the firearm.. We always recommend having, Light Bearing, and Non Light Bearing holsters in your EDC rotation..
  • Did you receive my order and payment.?
    More than likely if you haven't heard from us, we have received both and are processing your order.. I only reach out if proof of payment is missing..
  • What is a Light Bearing holster.?
    A Light Bearing holster accommodates a weapon mounted light on your firearm..
  • Can you make a holster for, (insert firearm not found on website).?
    No, if your firearm is not found on our website, we do not make a holster for it.. We are also not taking custom orders at this time..
  • Do you ship internationally.?
    yes, we are now able to ship all over the world..
  • Is James a Cunt.?
    Yes.. Its even tattooed on him..
  • Do you recommend the extra J clip.?
    No, not necessarily.. This is very dependant on personal preference.. The extra J clip was designed for Light Bearing Vipers, to counter the extra weight and size the WML creates.. however some prefer to have it even on the Non Light bearing Vipers as well.. I always suggest adding one on if unsure and test it out for yourself, if you don't like it, or don't feel it is necessary, simply remove it and have a spare clip in case something ever goes wrong with your attached clip.. *We have never had any reports of our clips failing, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared..
  • Can I use my own courier.?
    Yes, you are welcome to arrange your own courier.. You can select store pick up on checkout and when you are notified that your order is ready, you can arrange courier to collect.. You Must inform mike that this is what you are doing, and send the waybill to
  • What is your current lead time.?
    We run a 10-14 day lead time on all website orders..
  • What is the Combat Clip For.?
    The Combat Clip option is ideal for Range use, sport shooting, and Battle Belts.. The mounting is spaced off the body to give better clearance when drawing and holstering. It is not recommended for EDC..
  • What holster do you recommend.?
    This can be a difficult question to simply answer over an email or chat, as there are many factors that will influence which style of holster is right for you.. Please do not hesitate to give myself, Mike, 0826540371 a call to discuss your needs in a holster.. I will do my best to point you in the right direction, however if I feel its necessary I will hand you over to James (he is the holster smith/holster guru) to help further..
  • Can I collect my order from your store.?
    We are not a retail store, however we do offer a store collection. select store pick up on checkout and once your order is ready we will notify you via email to collect..
  • Can you make a holster with my Company logo, a specific Multicam, or other image on it.?
    Yes, we are able to do custom prints on our Kydex sheets, and then moulded into your desired style of holster.. NOTE: This can ONLY be arranged through James on 0768510584, and ONLY for firearms options that are found on our website.
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