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The Rattler Is South West Holsters most popular selling holster, and is the holster that put South West Holsters on the map in South Africa. The Rattler is designed to allow the capacity to carry a spare mag, attached to your primary weapon system, in a compact as possible package. Some people say it’s actually more comfortable to carry than our viper.


Holster will accommodate the, M&P2.0 C


Standard Colour Options:


- Black

- OD green (Olive Drab Green)

- FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

- Grey


Please see Colour Guide page for examples. On the Rattler you may mix front and back colours to your desire, Vipers and Mambas are one colour only.

S&W M&P2.0 Rattler 2.0-Light Bearing (Standard Colours)

R1 499,00Price