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Dump Pouch


This drop pouch can be used for dumping gear, mags, bullets or even snacks.


We have made some valuable enhancements to the idea of a drop pouch.


A hoody has been added to ensure your items stay inside while you are on the go – It has an elastic insert for easy access when loading mags or taking things out.


A leg strap can be added via the loops on the bottom of the pouch. Securing the pouch to your leg reduces unwanted movement.


The shape is tapered towards the bottom for easy stacking of mags and better weight distribution while filling it up.


A larger velcro attachment allows the pouch to be attached to any size belt or war belt – This enables effortless removal of the pouch without having to slide all your gear off the belt to remove the drop pouch.


The additional flap can be retained inside the pouch or used to close the pouch and secure the items inside.


8 Day lead time

TAAKMAG Dump Pouch